Real Sound Services

We are a rental/hire and production services company based in Rome.
We provide sound, lights and video services to the theatre, corporate, music, TV,
educational, tourism, fair and events industries throughout most of Italy.

We have a deep knowledge of our territory and a strong experience about how to deal with local venues, side facilities (caterings, private transports, hotels ecc.) and how to manage all the logistic details.
Also, most of our staff speaks english, so if you're scheduling an event in Rome (or in Italy) or simply need to rent a wireless microphone, don't hesitate to contact us.
We will be glad to offer you all our quality, experience and help you to solve all the small problems that may occur.
We can also offer an advice on your entire event project in order to choose all the finest solutions and side partners (hotels, venues, artists, catering, porterage ecc) that may help to reach your goals!

Welcome to Real Sound Services

Audio & Light Service

Whatever you need, from PAs for small club/theatre gigs to large PAs, stages & lighting equipment for outdoor festivals & discos, we have the right solution for a reasonable price and with a great technical assistance.

Audio, Lights, Video hiring

At our warehouse is possible to rent a wide range of equipment for any of your needing such as for ex., private parties, outdoor cinema, theatre, conference, architectural lighting, filming and so on.

Backline Hiring

We can provide solutions for any kind of production: club gigs, tour, festivals, film & video clip shootings ecc. We also hire vintage and rare outfit.

Real Sound Services

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